The history of the sculpture in the garden of Marienheim

For the inauguration of the new building (Haus 1b), architect Jung donated 2,000 Schilling to the Marienheim. The idea was to create be a "jewel" for the house and should be something very special.

Architect Jung introduced the then director of the home, Mrs. Puschmann, to the young sculptor Claudius Molling. In a conversation Mrs. Puschmann explained her view of home education to Mr. Molling and Mr. Molling then developed a sculpture.

The sculpture was made of concrete and bronze. It should bear the name "Hope and Security". The concrete foundation characterizes the strong base on which this house stands. Above this, the suggestion of a cross for the Christian values that are to shape the Marienheim. The up-and-coming bronze staff symbolizes the striving for higher things and the circle with the group of people in its centre stands for security and community.

The sculpture was ceremoniously unveiled at a garden party in the summer of 1969.

After the redesign of the garden in 2016, the sculpture was given a new place in the centre of the garden and continues to be a symbol of the purpose of the Marienheim Foundation.